Souk Collection of unusual hand-produced products


Provencal-style patchwork covers and throws

Multi-patterned antique stitched ʻGudriʼ quilts from Bengal and Bangladesh

Christmas garlands and planted flowerpots and hand-painted Indian vessels

Crystal candle lanterns for festive table display


Antique fabric purses from Afghanistan

Felted wool throws in subtle neutral colours

Special pieces of re-upholstered furniture in exotic prints and tapestries

Embroidered necklaces from Istanbul with charms and beads


Fine cutwork cotton and organza curtain panels

Hand-woven cashmere blankets and alpaca shawls from Nepal

Semi-precious beaded bracelets and sparkly necklaces from £12


Hand-embroidered, designer-made shoulder bags and decorated clutches

Lots of inexpensive light wool printed,
tie-dyed and woven scarves

Brightly-coloured hand-knitted fringed
shawls and scarves in specialist wools and ribbons

Unique hand block-printed and quilted bedspreads